About Sri Mega

SRIMEGA is the leading institute in Hyderabad,Telangana Established in 1987, for preparing students for IIT (JEE), AIEEE, BITSAT, etc., entrance examinations. It has been coaching students since 1990 for IIT-JEE with outstanding performance and also having A/C Campus .

SRIMEGA students are able to get good number of ranks in IIT-JEE and AIEEE, BITSAT every year. The teaching faculty has about 20 extremely talented and dedicated members. SRIMEGA offers courses to help students realize the goal of getting admitted into IITs, NITs and leading Engineering colleges of the country.

SRIMEGA Campus is conveniently located in Nallakunta, Hyderabad with good transport connectively to all parts of the city. Class rooms are air-conditioned.

The back-end operations of SRI MEGA are fully computerized, starting from content development (assignments, question papers), examination results, evaluation, performance analysis and attendance recording of students.

Teaching Methodology

The teaching methodology of SRI MEGA is unique in many aspects compared to schools or other coaching institutes. The main focus in on developing the thinking ability of the students and instill subject knowledge in such a way that the student is able to apply the learnt concepts in any situations. SRI MEGA not only provides excellent content but also puts in lot of effort in effective delivery of the content. Emphasis is put on in-depth understanding of the subject through exposing the student to a large variety of problems after providing sufficient theoretical input and assignments. In addition to the stated academic goals, SRI MEGA also attempts to inculcate virtues like discipline, hard-work and self-reliance among the students.

Medium of instruction in SRI MEGA is English

Performance Monitoring and Reporting

Tests are conducted regularly (say weekly) to monitor the progress of students. After evaluation, the answer-sheets are returned to the students to review. Marks obtained by the students are posted on the website for the parents to view. Parents can also enquire about the result of their wards by calling the office during office timings.

Motivation and Personal Counseling

The preparation for competitive examinations is a demanding exercise. The pressure to compete is tremendous and sometimes students find it difficult to cope-up with this pressure. Moreover the student is passing through the peak of his teen age during this course there by facing the imbalance of the emotional, psychological and hormonal changes. A counselor can emotionally strengthen the students, enough to manage the stress so that he will be successful in the competitive environment. Motivational sessions at regular intervals are conducted for students. Counseling sessions are also conducted for parents in groups and individually when need arises. Individual counseling sessions are also provided to the needful students.


Our comprehensive website www.srimega.in provides the information about our activities. One can get details of the course, examination details, results and notices by just visiting the website. Parents/Guardian can view the examination marks of their ward and can do performance analysis using the tools available on our website. It is a handy tool for the parents / Guardian to monitor the performance and attendance of their ward.

Accommodation for the out station students

Good quality accommodation, hygienic and balanced food is available in our hostel for boys.

The Hostel is walkaway distance from the Sri Mega.

Blues A function is arranged to facilitate the successful students of the institute in the IIT (JEE), BITSAT, AIEEE, etc. The successful students are presented a memento and citation indicating his rank in the entrance examination. A special counseling session is also arranged on this day by the former students of Sri Mega to help the students make the best choice of engineering branches at various institutes.