The Testmonials

Govind Choudary--

“When I joined here [ Two Years ago ],it was completety different from rest of the school year. I never took knowledge properly in school, the only thing I had in mind in my school was to score in examination, but after I came here I started taking things in different manner, I took subjects with interest of knowing them, understanding them. The only thought which was there in my mind was to be in face, and not being left behind far away, which made doing work regularly. Intially I used to fell I am doing so much of work but after a little time only I came to know that was just little, I used to spend more time on small concepts and exercises but I came to know that efficiency must be maintained, regular exams used to be there , I was not taking them seriously in first few months,then later exams became more important for me, I was very much changed when compared to when I was in 10th class.”

“I could not have come to my present level also if I would not have joined SRI MEGHA, The Lectures had a very different and inspiring personality in them, which was inspiring frequently, but ultimately few mistakes of mine did not allow me to score best in examination, but today I consider, I would never have scored this much also what I scored today in exams, and not sad about that also because I learnt a lot in these two years, and I am getting engineering colleges of my choice branch.Thanks to SRI MEGA, without SRI MEGA I was nothing.”
-Thanks to SRI MEGA, without SRI MEGA I was nothing.

Govind Choudary, Hyderabad